No boundaries

no_boundariesThe sky above us is the same for you and me…

Get up in the morning and find me…
Find me in the gentle light!
Find me in the morning dew!
Find me in the tender hoarfrost!

In the middle of the day look to the sky…
Do you see me in that playful cloud?
Do you feel me through the naughty wind?
Do you feel how I kiss your nose through that snowflake?
Do you feel how I hug you with every rain drop touching your skin?
Do you feel how I vibrate with every breath you take?

When the sun decides to sleep…
Feel me through that fire on the horizon!
Feel me through the powerful step of the night!
Feel me through the infinity of the night sky!

I know it. You know it. The nights smell different.
When the sky and the earth touch each other and become one.

There is no boundaries.
When I touch you. When you touch me.
Close your eyes and feel me…

No boundaries.

Only me and you.

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